Pain Management

How to Find Your Best Acupuncturist

What to consider when searching good Acupuncture Clinic Near You:


Like anything else you search on or offline, finding a good or the best acupuncturist near you, has its own challenges. Below are some tips we always recommend our own clients, family and friends:

1.     Get Referrals from family and friends. The best way to know that an acupuncturist and the acupuncture clinic will be a caring one is to get referrals from family and friends. Their experience will take many questions out of your mind and will give you the confidence you need before you walk into a new clinic. In Lifetime Acupuncture in Deer Park, NY, we always encourage our patients to share their stories with friends and family members so others can benefit.

2.     Acupuncture License: Verify that the acupuncturist you will see is licensed. While only licensed acupuncturists in New York State can practice by law, it is a good idea to ask whether he or she has acupuncture license. We always remind our patients that Hatice Daspinar, L.A.c is a licensed and board Certified Acupuncturist in New York State and has been practicing Chinese Medicine with passion to help her clients, not only to mask the symptoms but to treat root cause of their issues.

3.     Expertise: Ask around and check online what kind of conditions are treated by your acupuncturists. Acupuncture is great for many conditions such as lower back pain, sciatica, head ache, migraines, pediatric acupuncture, knee pain, digestive issues, Bell ’s palsy, upper back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, foot pain, arthritis, infertility, insomnia, anxiety, stress, weight loss and great for a preventive care.  In Lifetime acupuncture of Long Island, we treated many different chronic conditions successfully. Each and every one of our patients get the attention they need in order to heal.

4.     Clean and Relax Office Settings: Make sure that the clinic you are being treated is clean and relaxing. Lifetime Acupuncture prides itself having state of art clinic designed with care and healing in mind for our patients. Each room has a different theme with different color and a music system that helps patients relax and mediate while being treated.

5.     Convenience: Your practitioner’s location and schedule are of primary importance, especially for time intensive therapies. Lifetime Acupuncture of Suffolk County is conveniently located in Deer Park Avenue, minutes away from Long Island Express Way and Southern State Parkway.

Whether you in Long island or New York, we hope you find your best acupuncturist to help you with your needs. If you are in Long Island and would like to see if  Hatice Daspinar L.A.c can help you in your journey to healing, please give us a call at 6313921224


Fun Facts about Acupuncture

Did You Know That?


  • Acupuncture needles DON’T HURT as much as people fear or imagine. Thin acupuncture needles are almost same or less felt than a mosquito bites in most cases.


  • Before stainless steel needles that used in today’s acupuncture practices, very first acupuncturist used to work with thorns, bamboo slivers, and sharpened bone to stimulate acupuncture points.


  • The oldest acupuncture needles were made of bronze, copper, tin, gold and silver. Oldest needles found date back to A.D. 600.


  • Stainless steel was discovered in 4th Century A.D in China and became the most commonly used material since steel was strong and could make very thin needles.


  • Waichi Sugiyama – a gifted blind Japanese acupuncturist invented the guide tube in 17th This was the biggest step in the development of much finer needles 


  • Today’s acupuncture are made of stainless steel of a very fine diameter (approximately 0.015″). These are prepackaged, sterilized, disposable and one time use only.


Fine Sterile Acupuncture Needles - Lifetime Acupuncture of Long Island
Fine Sterile Acupuncture Needles – Lifetime Acupuncture of Long Island


  • Acupuncture needles were accepted by U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1995 as medical instruments, stating their safety and effectiveness.


  • Acupuncturists look at your body as a whole and treat root cause of the complain rather than masking the symptoms.


  • Acupuncturists can assess your  overall health by checking your pulse and look at your tongue.


  • Acupuncture treatments are different for each individual. Every person will have their own treatment plan based on complete diagnosis performed by their acupuncturists.


  • The World Health Organization endorsed acupuncture for over two hundred symptoms and diseases – low back pain, seasonal allergies, headache, nausea, vomiting, allergic rhinitis, depression, anxiety, side effects of chemotherapy and induction of labor to name a few.

How Acupuncture Helps with Back Pain

Almost eight out of every 10 Americans report low back pain at some point in their life. That’s 80% of population’s complain.  Back pain is one of the most chronic conditions people will look for treatment. Back pain happens to be the biggest reason for people to look for acupuncture treatments.  Great news is that acupuncture is one of the most effective treatments for lower back pain.


Acupuncture Treats Back Pain Effectively and Succesfuly
Acupuncture Treats Back Pain Effectively and Successfully


Acupuncture for back pain involves inserting very thin needles to various depths into strategic points on your body. Acupuncturists work on balancing the energy pathways called Qi. By Inserting needles to well defined points, acupuncturists stimulate the central nervous system. This in turn triggers the release of useful chemicals and hormones into the muscles, spinal cord and brain.


To put in more western terms, acupuncturists provide body the power to heal itself. Insertion of needles by a licensed acupuncturist releases endorphin hormones that kill pain in the body. Acupuncture causes body to produce natural opioids chemicals in brain that lessen or get rid of pain.


If you are looking for a clean, relaxing Acupuncture Clinic here in Long Island and have back pain, please contact Lifetime Acupuncture of Deer Park.  We have helped many of our patients with their physical and emotional issues using the best practices of eastern medicine. You can contact us at 6313921224.

Lifetime Acupuncture Helps No Fault Patients in Suffolk, Long Island, NY

Lifetime Acupuncture has been helping many No Fault Patients in Long Island healing from auto accidents.  Acupuncture is highly effective with pain caused by collision. Below article from explains what No-Fault insurance is and what it covers.


What Is No-Fault Insurance and What Does it Cover?

Updated: December 2016

Beginning in the 1970s, many U.S. states passed legislation to introduce “no-fault” auto insurance. According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), the goal was to simplify the process of determining which driver is responsible for an accident.

As of 2014, 12 states have some type of no-fault car insurance law, according to the III.

  • No-fault insurance required. This type of coverage is mandatory in Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota and Utah.
  • No-fault insurance optional. Kentucky, New Jersey and Pennsylvania allow drivers to choose to buy either no-fault or traditional auto insurance.
Mother and father strapping their baby into child safety seat.

How Does No-Fault Coverage Work?

In states without no-fault coverage, typical insurance claims may be paid out as follows:

  • If you’re injured in an accident caused by another driver: The at-fault driver’s bodily injury liability coverage may help reimburse your medical expenses, up to the the policy limits.
  • If you’re injured in an accident you cause:Your medical payments coverage (if you’ve opted for it) may help reimburse your medical expenses, up to the limits you selected.

In states with no-fault coverage, if you’re injured in an accident, your personal injury protection (PIP) may help pay for associated costs:

  • Regardless of who’s at fault
  • Up to a certain threshold set by your state’s laws

What Does No-Fault Insurance Cover?

According to the III, personal injury protection (PIP) may help cover:

  • Your and your passengers’ medical bills related to a car accident
  • Expenses such as lost income, childcare and household services if your injuries prevent you from returning to work or doing necessary tasks for a period of time

Lost-wage benefits vary by state, however, and aren’t necessarily guaranteed, so it’s a good idea to read your policy or ask your agent to make sure you know what coverages your policy provides.

What’s Not Covered by No-Fault Insurance?

  • Damage to your vehicle. Collision coverage (if you’ve opted for it) may help pay to repair your car if it’s damaged in a crash with another vehicle.
  • Damage to other people’s property. If you’re responsible for a car accident that damages someone else’s car or property (such as a fence or building), your property damage liability coverage may help pay for the damages, according to the III.
  • Excess medical expenses. No-fault PIP coverage typically has limits. Medical bills or lost wages that exceed those limits won’t be reimbursed. However, says some no-fault insurance states offer an exception. You may be able to file personal-injury lawsuits against other drivers if they’re responsible for seriously hurting you or someone else in your car, or if your medical bills exceed a certain dollar limit.


Lifetime Acupuncture Can Help Patients in Long Island with Pain Management

Acupuncture Can Help Greatly In Pain Management

I’m sure when you hear the word acupuncture you can’t help but visualize tiny needles coming out of the skin. For some, it’s fascinating, for others a little scary, and if you’re afraid of needles, it’s most likely terrifying. As unconventional as it may seem, acupuncture is a form of treatment.

It is an old form of outmoded Chinese Remedy, which has been in practiced for centuries. Ever heard of the term “Chi”? Well, Chi is a theory that holds that energy flows all over our bodies through passageways known as meridians.  When your Chi is out of balance it is believed, you will develop an illness. The practice of acupuncture was started as a way to help bring balance to the Chi.

Other than needles, an acupuncturist may choose to incorporate heat, electrical current or pressure during treatment.


Lifetime Acupuncture can Help With Pain Management
Pain Management with Lifetime Acupuncture in Long Island


Acupuncture & Pain Management

Pain occurs usually as a result of stress, emotional upheavals, physical injury or illness. Traditionally people would automatically go to chiropractors or physiotherapists when they started having pain in their back, neck, head and legs. These are the most common areas where body pain is experienced. However, we are seeing an increasing number of individuals going for acupuncture as an alternative way of treating their body pain. Research has shown that Chinese acupuncture helps in relieving both chronic and acute pain in patients. More so, it gives long lasting results that enable the energy to flow normally in patients. One of the reasons it’s preferred by many is because unlike modern medicine, acupuncture does not have adverse side effects.

Acupuncture can effectively treat people suffering from osteoarthritis, chronic back pain, menstrual cramps, tension headaches, lower back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, and temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) to mention but a few.

How It Works

The responses of acupuncture in the body in relation to pain include the release of serotonin from the hypothalamus and upper brain stem. Acupuncture also stimulates the release of the endogenous opiate such as endorphin, endomorphin, dynorphin, and encephalin. When these chemicals are released into the blood stream they can help in relieving pain.

In patients whose pain is more psychological than physical, acupuncture plays an important role in encouraging the release of neurohormones such as glutamate, the neurotrophic factor, g-aminobutyric acid, and neuropeptide Y. When these hormones are released, they create a euphoric sensation in the patient thus helping treat the psychological aspects of the pain they are experiencing.

Where To Get Acupuncture Treatment

If you live in or near Long Island, Deer Park, Dix Hills, Commack,  Lindenhurst, North Babylon, Bayshore, or Brentwood, Islip, West Islip, Coram, Medford or any close by town of Suffolk County , then the best acupuncture clinic near you would be Lifetime Acupuncture.

Hatice Daspinar L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., M.S, the practitioner at the Lifetime acupuncture clinic is one of the best Acupuncturists in Long Island. Together with her staff, they have gained a reputation as one of the best in treating various conditions through acupuncture. If you are suffering from any kind of pain chronic or acute, visit Lifetime Acupuncture online for more information on the various treatment options available for you, or call (631) 392-1224 and schedule an appointment with Hatice today.