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Acupuncture Can Help Safely and Effectively with Weight Loss

How Acupuncture Can Help Lose Weight


Let’s face it many Americans are faced with the challenge of keeping their optimal weight and fight with obesity even harder than before. Pollution, artificial foods, chemicals and unhealthy diet combined with decreasing physical activities, losing weight becomes more and more challenging for many.

According to the recent data, adult obesity rates exceed 35% in four states, 30% in 25 states and are above 20%in all states.

Obesity brings many other underlying health issues such as diabetes , hypertension etc.

Weight Loss industry became a multi-billion dollar industry due to increasing awareness of the connection between optimal weight and good health.

However most of the options in weight loss industry comes with many side effects. Surgery, weight loss pills can have significant side effects to patients.

Thankfully, there is a safer option. Acupuncture can help with weight loss. Several studies have shown that acupuncture together with healthy diet habits, patients lose more weight.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the belief is that excessive weight gains are caused mainly by an imbalance in the body due to a malfunction of the spleen and liver organ systems. Licensed acupuncture practitioners will use very specific body areas to trigger weight loss. Among these areas are the endocrine system and kidneys, which are responsible for water retention. This system is also treated to stimulate nerve and hormonal re-balance. The spleen and thyroid gland are also treated to effect sugar and hormonal rebalancing.