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Search For Best Acupuncturist on Long Island

As most of us by, now,¬† know that one of the most google searched terms in everything is “Best Of whatever we need near me”. In this case we would like to focus on your search to find “The best acupuncture clinic on Long Island” or “The best ¬†acupuncturist on Long Island”. Once you type these search terms in google, a list of many qualified acupuncturist in Long Island will show up. But how do you decide on who to choose and know that they are the best for your needs.

First thing we recommend our patients here in Lifetime Acupuncture is get referral from friends and family that have a great experience with a licensed acupuncturist. This will give you the confidence of looking further into further qualifications to make your decision. Once you have a referral, you can then look to see what others are saying about the place or the practice in google reviews to confirm the recommendation that you received.

Next step is to check how qualified the practitioner is by looking at her or his credentials. Which can usually be found on “Meet The Practitioner” page of their website. Make sure the acupuncturist is licensed by New York State and NCCAOM certified.

Last and final step is always to stop by in person to see if the clinic is clean, serene and relaxing for your healing needs. Make sure you feel welcomed when you walk into the place. When a place checks off all above, you can be sure that you found “Your Best Acupuncturist in Long Island”.

At Lifetime Acupuncture, we try our very best to make our patients feel home, relaxed. Dr. Hatice Daspinar, L.Ac is a Board Certified Acupuncturist who has more than 10 years experience in pain management, infertility, anxiety and personal injury an has been helping many patients with outmost compassion.

If you ever feel like acupuncture can help your current situation or would like to give it a try for your well being, please give us a call.