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I am sure you will be very happy just like I am

Dr. Hatice Daspinar 10/30/2014

I have been going to the office of Dr. Hatice Daspinar for a little over six months. She has been treating me for many issues. I have seen wonderful results from the acupuncture she performs on me. I have nothing but GREAT things to speak of when it comes to her and the office she works out of. She truly makes you feel comfortable and the treatment is relaxing.

My one true accomplishment has been weight loss. To date I have lost a total of an outstanding 53 pounds and I am still continuing on that journey. I have never been able to lose that amount of weight on my own, let alone keep it off. One day I decided to go to Dr Hatice Daspinar to see what she had to offer me. I went to her with an open mind and was willing to do what she suggested in order to be a healthier individual. I would not the person I am today without her help and guidance. She has truly helped me, as well as giving me the correct tools on how to lose weight and keep it off. The diet she gave me was extremely helpful and easy to follow. The diet plan was set up over a two-week period of meals and snack suggestion to follow. Each of the diet levels the menu changes slightly. This whole process was painless and easy.

I can’t say enough about how grateful I am to Dr. Hatice Daspinar. This was an overall positive experience for me and I am truly thankful to her. I will continue using the tools she gave me so I can continue living healthier life style. I suggest if anyone is considering shedding a few pounds to give acupuncture a try at her office. I am sure you will be very happy just like I am.

Hope Heighs.