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I was struggling with digestive issues and fibromyalgia symptoms

I was struggling with digestive issues and fibromyalgia symptoms and a friend of mine who goes to lifetime acupuncture recommended it to me. My experience was great from the start! I had a consultation meeting with Hatice so that she can get to know me and sense what it is I feel and my general lifestyle (This is recommended and set up on their end which is wonderful). Hatice is special because she truly has passion to help people. That made me feel so relaxed, comfortable and most importantly she gave me hope. Sharon at the reception desk is a warm, friendly, humble and sweet person. The both of them make it such a warm, welcoming environment… being there just makes me happy even before treatment starts. Even running into their customers you can sense from their energy and personalities that they too have the same experience. After a long day of work, I look forward to treatment and being there. Hatice became a dear friend, she worked with me closely on my diet and treatment and cares about her work and healing people, healing me. THIS TRULY IS AN AMAZING PLACE, PASSION AND REAL PEOPLE WHO CARE AND WANT TO HELP PEOPLE. I RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE. They are extremely professional, smart and knowledgeable. Just talking with Hatice from day 1, she is a professional, she is confident and it made me confident in her. She studied hard, works hard and her passion in helping people comes from her own experiences which makes it more special than any other place! Love these ladies!!

A. Nolasco

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