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Acupuncture Can Provide Relief From Your Daily Life Stress in Long Island

Let’s face it, while we enjoy many beautiful features of Long Island and New York area, busy life in Long Island and tri state area in New York brings a lot of stress to our life. An estimated 17.5 million Americans suffer from depression.

Patients who are searching for options are seeking alternatives to anti-depressant medication.

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) states that “evidence for the use of acupuncture . to treat anxiety disorders is becoming stronger.”  Reuter’s health reported on a study from the University of York in the UK. The study recruited 755 people with moderate to severe depression. Seventy percent of the patients had been on anti-depressants and continued on them throughout the study. The study concluded that both acupuncture and counseling (or both) had a strongly positive effect on depression, lowering the depression scale from an average of 16 out of 27 at the start of the study, to 9 for acupuncture and 11 for counseling at its conclusion. The benefits lasted 3 months after treatment had concluded.

So how does acupuncture help with stress and anxiety? The acupuncturist inserts fine sterile and super tiny needles into certain identified acupuncture points on “meridians” which run throughout the body and correspond to certain organs.

Meridians can be thought of as a highway of energy, or “qi” in traditional Chinese medicine. Acupuncture works by getting rid of the roadblocks on this energy superhighway. When the energy blocks are removed, whole body functions and provides energy and happiness one needs.

Western medicine has shown that acupuncture releases endorphins, and activates natural pain killers.

Most patients during Acupuncture treatment fell a deep sleep and wake up with feeling of ease and rest in their body and mind.


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