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Acupuncture can help with your Seasonal Allergies in Long Island, NY

The best seasons of Long Island may also present some unpleasant problems for allergy sufferers. Sneezing, watery eyes, itching, nasal congestion are few to name. Allergy season usually begins in late winter or early spring in Long Island and runs through late summer or early fall. As the season progresses, different types of pollen start impacting Long Islanders with seasonal allergies. Trees are usually the first to pollinate. Various pollination of grasses tend to  follow in late spring and summer. Weeds can pollinate at different times of the growing season.

We are blessed to have April showers in both Nassau and Suffolk county, as rain is great for washing away some of the pollen.

As the allergy seasons start hitting, allergy patients look to find a relief.

While many over-the-counter remedies promise symptomatic relief, practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine believe that addressing the causes of allergies, treating the whole person, and focusing on balancing the immune system leads to substantial long-term health benefits in managing allergies.

The acupuncturist also looks for constitutional or more deeply-rooted signs in each person who presents with allergies. The principle here is treating the whole person. Often people with chronic allergies show signs of Spleen or Kidney Deficiency as well as Lung signs according to Traditional Chinese Medicine . The goal of the acupuncturist is to develop a plan which addresses the person’s acute symptoms and provides relief, while addressing the underlying immune system imbalance which is thought to be at the root of the person’s allergies. Treatments may often include dietary modification, the use of specifically chosen herbal formulas, and acupuncture.


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